Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Just Who Is Agent M?

"The shady man behind the elephant... a hand reaching for a paper... a ring with a eagle.
Sounds like a mans ring but was the hand masculine or feminine. Was the hand calloused or smooth. What do these clues mean? The only thing I know for sure is, The shady character was not Agent M.

Who is this Agent M.? A husband, a poet, a hippy, a father, and when he is having a good day, a gourmet chef. Obviously, a man with many hats, and a separate persona for each.

Answer this riddle and you will know the Identity of the mysterious (or at least unknown) Agent M. Here is the riddle:

I live in a city in Indiana. I am a bull, but not a bovine. Forget the second vowel.

I await your next transmission."

I received this in my mail box the other day. Perhaps he is the one who has been watching me. I turn street corners and see people turn away from me. Perhaps I am just paranoid now that I have been told to date the two suspicious characters that I have come into contact with.

From the letter I received I am guessing that Agent M is a Spanish bull fighter or perhaps someone who is an Indian whose name means bull.
The more I think about it the more confused I get. It must be those late nights and early mornings. I really should shoot the rooster.

Let's see....the second vowel in the alphabet is e. So I should remove all the e's in the clue.....No, that doesn't work.

More sleep is needed before I can work out this clue.