Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Undercover Tourist

Wow, what an exciting day!
Why do they send me on these no go assignments.
Ok ok it was only my second assignment but still, I did not see a plastic bag (except around food) nor large sum of money all day.
Fortunately it was a warm day and I did manage to make the most of my time at S_B_. I think I got a little bit of a tan from being outdoors most of the day also.
My day started off with receiving instructions and a briefing with a photo ID of the suspicious character I was supposed to tail. That went off well and then I was out of there, in my Hawaiian shirt and thongs. (thongs being the things you wear on your feet!)
Stepping out into the bright sunshine from a fully stopped car, I donned my glasses, a smile across my face as I planned to enjoy this. I checked the batteries and memory card in my touristy type camera, then headed down to the spit, walking towards my point of view. Well where I would be watching things take place.
I figured, that if this doesn't work out then I would have had at least a good time of practicing my picture taking skills.
Looking at the elephant sculpture, I noticed the character I was to take pictures of, was already there so I set myself up to pretend I was admiring the elephant. The adrenalin was rushing as my excitement grew, with camera up to my eye and focusing on 'him'. What would he do but then move out of my sight. Can't a suspect ever stay still.
I lowered the camera and scanned the area for him to only see him coming towards me. What was I going to do. I couldn't help it but my cheeks burned a fierce red when he smiled charmingly at me.
Do you know what he wanted? He wanted me to take his photo next to the statue. Well what could I do but oblige, so I took his photo and then quickly snapped one of my own, pretending (well not too hard) to be interested in his 'fine' features. He then gave me a card with his number on it. Man what do I do?
Well I watched, from afar mostly, and nothing happened, but I did get that awesome shot of him and the elephant.
HO was happy with the shot and they did see something interesting in the one I did take.
The elephant had a shady (literally) character behind it, reaching for a paper beneath the elephant. All they could see was a hand (not in the shade) with a ring carrying the crest of an eagle on it.

Oh, and just who is Agent M? I have heard him mentioned more then once.