Friday, July 16, 2004

What A Week!

Phew! What a week I have had!
After that incident when I was dressed up as the postman, I received nothing but paperwork, being the butt of many jokes and of course the date.
I will fill you in on the date shortly but first I must tell you.
I have been given another undercover assignment, though this time it is a little more real then the previous one. I have been asked to pose as a tourist and take some surveillance photos of a big drug heist going down at S__ in B__. This is so exciting. I will fill you in when I know more.
Now to the date.
Big Nigel, ahh Randall Badgery, was rather boring and talked more about how I 'saved' his life then anything else. Of course I was under orders to report anything suss in what he was telling me.
Well, I first met him at this nice little Thai restaurant in A__ and we dined while I listened to him talk about me being there at the right time and how beautiful I was. I can say that I only briefly took in what he was saying as I was more prone to avoiding the bits of rice that flew out of his mouth in my direction, as he talked. The food was nice right up until the time that a large bit of spittle fell atop my half finished meal. I had to pretend I was not hungry anymore.
Well after that meal was finished he asked if I wanted to see a movie with him, of course I had to turn it down as I honestly do not think I could stand another couple of hours of dodging popcorn crumbs. I made my excuses and headed off home.
For some reason I was sure there was someone following me. One minute there were headlights in my rear view mirror, then they were gone.
I will keep an eye on this over the next week.