Monday, August 30, 2004

A Little Late & Cross Referencing

Phew! Why is life so busy?

I have been so busy I had forgotten to write here. It has been 10 days but it does not feel like it has been that long. Perhaps it was because of those days I sat on my bathroom floor wishing for it to cave in beneath me, or perhaps it was the mountains of work I had to do along with the dating of SC#1 and SC#2.

Re the bathroom floor, it was nothing more then a case of food poisoning. I had decided to go out with friends (first time in way too long) and we all headed down to the beach for a picnic. The day was sunny and you wouldn't think that the weather was supposed to be cool as it was quite warm. We laughed, played beach volleyball (I suck at this game), ate and drank our day away. Someone had brought seafood for us to munch on so I think that is what did it. Overall it was a fun day but I won't be touching prawns again for a while.

Now, at work, I did a little cross referencing on the rings. I checked out SC#2 along with the shadowy hand which wore the eagle ring. I also took in the greater detail of those which were in the photos. Each of the eagle rings were very similar, the silver eagle on a black onyx base and with a small diamond in the eye of the eagle. It was not until the second day of looking at them that I starting to notice a few small things. In each ring photo there was a small mark to the right hand corner of the black onyx. It was dark in colour so it wouldn't be spotted easily. What was it?
After using the techie guy to enhance the image we discovered that the mark was an infrared port. Gee they can make those things small nowadays. I suspect that there is data carried in those rings and then, instead of conversing or handing over documents, all they need to do is shake hands to transfer any information that is needed.
I told the boss about my find and then he promptly told me to go on a date with each of the suspicious characters. #2 isn't too bad but #1 I need a raincoat and umbrella for especially if we are going to eat somewhere.
I finally received my first piece of official spy gear that looks like it isn't spy gear. Long have I wondered when, and if it would ever happen. They gave me a ring to wear. It was cute and contained a small fake ruby in it, which was an infrared port itself. In my two dates I am to hold their hands and when I do that it will scan and receive any data (copy only) that is in their rings. I do not recall SC#1 ever having a ring but I guess he does.
I will write about the dates later, when I have had a chance to wash the red wine off my white blouse!

Friday, August 20, 2004

Mata Hari

Courtesy of Virtual Rants

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Mata Hari

Dear __________,

I have posted a description of your blog on my site. Please read it and comment. Then please follow the steps below:

1) Describe your two favorite Blogs in terms other than literary.
2) Post the descriptions on your site, and place a link to that post as a comment to my post
( ) so that all of the comments may be accessed from one location.
Your comment/link should include your two favorite Blog site names so that readers will know what comments they are about to read. Example:

Ponderings of a Princess & Cindy Maulkner ______(LINK)_______.

3) Then e-mail your two favorite Bloggers a copy of this letter.

Happy Blogging,

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Brunch With SC#2

After a deep, dreamless sleep, I awoke to find myself running late, it was already 9am. I found my mind racing with the things I thought I had to do today.
Did I have to check into the office today? Why didn't the rooster crow? And wasn't I supposed to be somewhere in half an hour.
My mind went back to the previous night's calls, both of them.
Yes I had to be at brunch with SC#2 and I was going to be late.
I jumped in the shower, turned it on and was met only with cold water. It was then I remembered that today was the day they were doing work on the heating system, and I also realized I had forgotten to take off my PJ's. Now drenched, cold and shivering, I took off the wet PJ's and dressed into something a little warmer, my fav jeans and black turtle neck. My lips were still blue so I decided to colour them with a little makeup, something I do not do very often.
I checked myself twice (just to make sure) and then headed out the door. I looked at the keys in my hand then back at the house, wondering what I was missing.
I guessed it couldn't be too important so off I went.
I grabbed up my bike and peddled on over to the cafe by the river.
I was late but not by too much, and he himself was late so it wasn't a big deal.
Brunch went well, it was mostly just small talk, croisants, fruit and cheese.
Some of the things I noticed about him were :
  • his charming smile which seemed to win over all those who looked at him
  • how he looked relaxed despite dressing immaculately
  • he had manicured finger
  • he wore little jewelry except for a ring on his right
  • the ring itself was a gold band which had a flat ebony top, in which 5 small diamonds were embedded, in the shape of an M
  • his cell phone kept ringing but he never answered it, just hung up on them
  • he never lost his cool despite the constant ringing
  • he could keep your interest in a conversation even if you talked about nothing exciting
I think the ring was significant and I shall cross reference it against the other photos I have, when I get back to the office.

Early Morning Phonecalls

Yes the phone rang, a few days ago. Well almost a week ago.
It was a short conversation but I was so exhausted that I was asleep before my head hit the pillow that night and I never did manage to get a chance to record it down in my journal here.
I think we shall call the person on the other end of the phone, suspicious character #3.
Here is a brief outline of the phonecall.
CM : Yello!
SC#3: Is this *muffled heavy breathing as he said my name*
CM: Yeah *yawn*
SC#3: Did you get those photos? *more heavy breathing. I am beginning to think he is just some pervert who likes to make early morning calls*
CM: Mmm, yes I did.
SC#3: Did you see the ring? Did you notice the similarities? Tell me what you saw.
CM: I saw the rings, *pause* and they had the eagle crest on them. Who are you? And why can't you call earlier in the night?
SC#3: *silence*
CM: I saw the rings, are you related to them, who are you?
SC#3: I have told you all you need to know.
CM: No you haven't. You haven't actually told me anything different then I already know.
SC#3: *long silence*
CM: Are you one of them? Being a snitch?
(I was too tired and grumpy by this stage to be nice to him)
SC#3: Just watch those eagles, they may soar high and look pretty but they are deadly especially when you become their prey.
*click* and the phone went dead.
Then I went to bed.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Late Night Calls

Today I sat at my desk, reading the latest note from this mysterious Agent M. It wasn't until my train of thought was broken that I decided I should actually get to work.
I opened up the two files on my desk, browsing through the contents, a series of photographs. Upon viewing these I stopped suddenly, realizing that there were some of my surveillance photos in there, among some others, with a note attached.
I thought back to the note I had received from Agent M, dragged out the magnifying glass and held it over the shadowy picture from the elephant. Upon closer inspection, the eagle on his ring took on a surprisingly familiar appearance. Throwing it down to my desk, I grabbed up the other surveillance photos and looked closely at the man's hand, where he wore a ring. It had an eagle on it also and there was a picture of his face, though partially shaded by his cap. Dropping these I took up the note, and read what it said.
Something to help you in your investigation. Expect a call at 2am tonight.

Why can't anyone ever ring at a normal time? Do they want to be picked up by the phone tap that was put in my phone.
(Note: They put it there when they insisted I date the two suspicious characters)
Apart from that, my day was pretty normal and now I sit, waiting for the phonecall.
I took it upon myself, to do a little research but it brought up naught. Unless Agent M is someone named MattBovine then I still have no clue who he is. Maybe I should not have slept through 'Clue Deciphering 101'.


I think I fell asleep there for a while as the time seems to have gone quickly and that game of Spider Solitaire faded out for a while. On the plus side, the rooster isn't crowing anymore but I have a craving for chicken. It's a pity all the fast food joints are closed for the night.
Oh yes, the exciting news. The phone did ring at about 1.55am, though it was only 'suspicious character #2'. He wanted to organize a date, of course I had to agree, it was for the sake of my job. It wasn't until after I hung up that I wondered how he got my number. I think I shall mention that to 'Big Boss' tomorrow, err today.
The date? Well it is to be brunch down by the river side, at a quaint little cafe (not the one I spilt coffee at).
Ahh it is later, I am tired and rambling. I think I shall go to b....
Hang on, the phone just rang. Will inform you later how it all went.