Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Brunch With SC#2

After a deep, dreamless sleep, I awoke to find myself running late, it was already 9am. I found my mind racing with the things I thought I had to do today.
Did I have to check into the office today? Why didn't the rooster crow? And wasn't I supposed to be somewhere in half an hour.
My mind went back to the previous night's calls, both of them.
Yes I had to be at brunch with SC#2 and I was going to be late.
I jumped in the shower, turned it on and was met only with cold water. It was then I remembered that today was the day they were doing work on the heating system, and I also realized I had forgotten to take off my PJ's. Now drenched, cold and shivering, I took off the wet PJ's and dressed into something a little warmer, my fav jeans and black turtle neck. My lips were still blue so I decided to colour them with a little makeup, something I do not do very often.
I checked myself twice (just to make sure) and then headed out the door. I looked at the keys in my hand then back at the house, wondering what I was missing.
I guessed it couldn't be too important so off I went.
I grabbed up my bike and peddled on over to the cafe by the river.
I was late but not by too much, and he himself was late so it wasn't a big deal.
Brunch went well, it was mostly just small talk, croisants, fruit and cheese.
Some of the things I noticed about him were :
  • his charming smile which seemed to win over all those who looked at him
  • how he looked relaxed despite dressing immaculately
  • he had manicured finger
  • he wore little jewelry except for a ring on his right
  • the ring itself was a gold band which had a flat ebony top, in which 5 small diamonds were embedded, in the shape of an M
  • his cell phone kept ringing but he never answered it, just hung up on them
  • he never lost his cool despite the constant ringing
  • he could keep your interest in a conversation even if you talked about nothing exciting
I think the ring was significant and I shall cross reference it against the other photos I have, when I get back to the office.