Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Early Morning Phonecalls

Yes the phone rang, a few days ago. Well almost a week ago.
It was a short conversation but I was so exhausted that I was asleep before my head hit the pillow that night and I never did manage to get a chance to record it down in my journal here.
I think we shall call the person on the other end of the phone, suspicious character #3.
Here is a brief outline of the phonecall.
CM : Yello!
SC#3: Is this *muffled heavy breathing as he said my name*
CM: Yeah *yawn*
SC#3: Did you get those photos? *more heavy breathing. I am beginning to think he is just some pervert who likes to make early morning calls*
CM: Mmm, yes I did.
SC#3: Did you see the ring? Did you notice the similarities? Tell me what you saw.
CM: I saw the rings, *pause* and they had the eagle crest on them. Who are you? And why can't you call earlier in the night?
SC#3: *silence*
CM: I saw the rings, are you related to them, who are you?
SC#3: I have told you all you need to know.
CM: No you haven't. You haven't actually told me anything different then I already know.
SC#3: *long silence*
CM: Are you one of them? Being a snitch?
(I was too tired and grumpy by this stage to be nice to him)
SC#3: Just watch those eagles, they may soar high and look pretty but they are deadly especially when you become their prey.
*click* and the phone went dead.
Then I went to bed.