Thursday, August 05, 2004

Late Night Calls

Today I sat at my desk, reading the latest note from this mysterious Agent M. It wasn't until my train of thought was broken that I decided I should actually get to work.
I opened up the two files on my desk, browsing through the contents, a series of photographs. Upon viewing these I stopped suddenly, realizing that there were some of my surveillance photos in there, among some others, with a note attached.
I thought back to the note I had received from Agent M, dragged out the magnifying glass and held it over the shadowy picture from the elephant. Upon closer inspection, the eagle on his ring took on a surprisingly familiar appearance. Throwing it down to my desk, I grabbed up the other surveillance photos and looked closely at the man's hand, where he wore a ring. It had an eagle on it also and there was a picture of his face, though partially shaded by his cap. Dropping these I took up the note, and read what it said.
Something to help you in your investigation. Expect a call at 2am tonight.

Why can't anyone ever ring at a normal time? Do they want to be picked up by the phone tap that was put in my phone.
(Note: They put it there when they insisted I date the two suspicious characters)
Apart from that, my day was pretty normal and now I sit, waiting for the phonecall.
I took it upon myself, to do a little research but it brought up naught. Unless Agent M is someone named MattBovine then I still have no clue who he is. Maybe I should not have slept through 'Clue Deciphering 101'.


I think I fell asleep there for a while as the time seems to have gone quickly and that game of Spider Solitaire faded out for a while. On the plus side, the rooster isn't crowing anymore but I have a craving for chicken. It's a pity all the fast food joints are closed for the night.
Oh yes, the exciting news. The phone did ring at about 1.55am, though it was only 'suspicious character #2'. He wanted to organize a date, of course I had to agree, it was for the sake of my job. It wasn't until after I hung up that I wondered how he got my number. I think I shall mention that to 'Big Boss' tomorrow, err today.
The date? Well it is to be brunch down by the river side, at a quaint little cafe (not the one I spilt coffee at).
Ahh it is later, I am tired and rambling. I think I shall go to b....
Hang on, the phone just rang. Will inform you later how it all went.