Friday, September 24, 2004


After the date with SC#2 I took the ring back for analysis at the lab. The tech guy checked it out, downloading the stuff and sorting through it. It only connected for a short time but that short time was enough to copy enough data that the agency will keep me posted on him.
I am certain that the data was not in his ring but in the diamond tie pin that he wore. It did suit him very well though.
The Big Boss (BB) has agreed to put someone else on the SC#1 case. That guy gives me the creeps the more I think about what he was trying to do. (well what I think he was trying to do)
Back to SC#2.....
The data in the ring was to do with a large shipment coming in on Friday at 2am. It didn't say what was in the shipment but it did give us the relevant details so that we would be able to locate it. BB has mentioned something about a stakeout but I wasn't paying too much attention during that meeting. I was more interested in the window cleaner and how long he took to clean the windows. They are sparkling now.
I shall peruse the paperwork soon, after I have had a chance to eat lunch.


Lunch was good. They serve really nice food here in the cafeteria. I had a salmon salad accompanied with lemon cheesecake for dessert.


I ended up taking the paperwork home to check it out as there was a routine pest inspection happening this afternoon. I sure got a surprise when I arrived at my desk and was informed that the place was going to be checked for bugs.
On second thought, perhaps they did notice the window washer and the bugs they were searching for were not the creepy crawly type but the listening in type. Well, I got the rest of the afternoon off to look over the files at home.

Note: I really can't wait until they put me on a more important job, one where the files are so classified that I can't take them home. Perhaps one day that will come.

Note 2: Agent M has been quiet of late, I hope his young rookie side kick isn't working him too hard.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Date With SC#2

This date was more productive and memorable then date #1.

An update on the blouse stain removal though. Apparently the wine had some sort of sedative in it which reacted with the wine, therefore changing it's colour and that is why my blouse remained tinged with pink, as they had used a dye to recolour it, and would be why it had smelt of tarseal.

SC#2 was his more charming self, but it was not hard to beat SC#1 in that department. I met SC#2 at a yum cha restaurant in town, ring on my finger and a pair of sunglasses upon my head (courtesy of the tech guy at work). I am not quite sure what they are meant to do but they looked pretty cool and it was a lunch date afterall. I also wore a pale pink silk blouse and business type skirt (since I was supposed to be at work prior to this date).
The date went well, and he charmed those around us as per normal. He started asking questions though, as to when I would be heading back home (I met him when I played tourist). My mind started racing at this point but fortunately my mouth didn't give it time to think and I just blurted out that I had found a more permanent job here in town and would be hanging around for quite some time. He seemed pleased with that response and it was then that the trolley lady brought out the first round of yum cha to be had. I chose the steamed pork balls with plum sauce and he had black pepper crab. There were various other, quite filling, dishes throughout the lunch date.
He did however wear a ring that day, similar to those I had seen elsewhere. No diamond though, that was in his tie pin.
At the end of the date he asked when he could meet with me again and I could not help but smile at his request. He grabbed my hand as he asked this, a perfect time for the ring to do it's job. I did notice a small flicker of his eyes towards the ring at this stage.
With that over, he asked me to give him a call so as to organize the next date and he pulled out a pen, writing down his private number on the back of a napkin.
With that done, he paid the bill gave me a charming smile and disappeared off into the crowds coming back from their lunch breaks.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Date With SC#1

I still haven't managed to get the red wine out, I can still see a faint tint of pink there. It is possibly a good thing that I didn't drink it afterall.
As I promised, here is my night out.
The night started off promising as SC#1 was surprisingly quiet. I actually enjoyed myself as we strolled along the riverfront taking in the setting sun and the wonderful colours it painted the sky. SC#1 actually grabbed my hand (he was wearing a ring but it was only a plain band. I am starting to think that he is a married guy looking elsewhere for love. I am going to ask to be taken off this assignment of watching him.

The walk ended up at a small, very quiet Italian restaurant. Things were still going quietly and cleanly at this stage. We sat, chatted about current affairs (news) and a little about his work.
This guy works for a security company which is currently patrolling a pet produce plant. Needless to say, the conversation was not very riverting but I shall pass on the information to the bosses at the same time as I ask to be taken off his case, get my phone number changed and see if the tech guy at work can clean my blouse.

The spilt wine? Well, he says he ordered it specially for us and that it is all he ever drinks. Maybe I am not a wine buff, but it smelt like tarseal to me. It was spilt when he reached across the table to take my hand.

Did I get any data from his ring? No I didn't but there must have been a phone somewhere nearby which had it's infrared turned on, because now my ring is full of phone numbers to people with names like - A.T., J.P., S.C.
I will let work sort that one out.

Note: I do feel like I am missing something here though but I still want off the case.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Ring

The ring Cindy wore.