Friday, September 10, 2004

Date With SC#1

I still haven't managed to get the red wine out, I can still see a faint tint of pink there. It is possibly a good thing that I didn't drink it afterall.
As I promised, here is my night out.
The night started off promising as SC#1 was surprisingly quiet. I actually enjoyed myself as we strolled along the riverfront taking in the setting sun and the wonderful colours it painted the sky. SC#1 actually grabbed my hand (he was wearing a ring but it was only a plain band. I am starting to think that he is a married guy looking elsewhere for love. I am going to ask to be taken off this assignment of watching him.

The walk ended up at a small, very quiet Italian restaurant. Things were still going quietly and cleanly at this stage. We sat, chatted about current affairs (news) and a little about his work.
This guy works for a security company which is currently patrolling a pet produce plant. Needless to say, the conversation was not very riverting but I shall pass on the information to the bosses at the same time as I ask to be taken off his case, get my phone number changed and see if the tech guy at work can clean my blouse.

The spilt wine? Well, he says he ordered it specially for us and that it is all he ever drinks. Maybe I am not a wine buff, but it smelt like tarseal to me. It was spilt when he reached across the table to take my hand.

Did I get any data from his ring? No I didn't but there must have been a phone somewhere nearby which had it's infrared turned on, because now my ring is full of phone numbers to people with names like - A.T., J.P., S.C.
I will let work sort that one out.

Note: I do feel like I am missing something here though but I still want off the case.