Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Date With SC#2

This date was more productive and memorable then date #1.

An update on the blouse stain removal though. Apparently the wine had some sort of sedative in it which reacted with the wine, therefore changing it's colour and that is why my blouse remained tinged with pink, as they had used a dye to recolour it, and would be why it had smelt of tarseal.

SC#2 was his more charming self, but it was not hard to beat SC#1 in that department. I met SC#2 at a yum cha restaurant in town, ring on my finger and a pair of sunglasses upon my head (courtesy of the tech guy at work). I am not quite sure what they are meant to do but they looked pretty cool and it was a lunch date afterall. I also wore a pale pink silk blouse and business type skirt (since I was supposed to be at work prior to this date).
The date went well, and he charmed those around us as per normal. He started asking questions though, as to when I would be heading back home (I met him when I played tourist). My mind started racing at this point but fortunately my mouth didn't give it time to think and I just blurted out that I had found a more permanent job here in town and would be hanging around for quite some time. He seemed pleased with that response and it was then that the trolley lady brought out the first round of yum cha to be had. I chose the steamed pork balls with plum sauce and he had black pepper crab. There were various other, quite filling, dishes throughout the lunch date.
He did however wear a ring that day, similar to those I had seen elsewhere. No diamond though, that was in his tie pin.
At the end of the date he asked when he could meet with me again and I could not help but smile at his request. He grabbed my hand as he asked this, a perfect time for the ring to do it's job. I did notice a small flicker of his eyes towards the ring at this stage.
With that over, he asked me to give him a call so as to organize the next date and he pulled out a pen, writing down his private number on the back of a napkin.
With that done, he paid the bill gave me a charming smile and disappeared off into the crowds coming back from their lunch breaks.