Friday, September 24, 2004


After the date with SC#2 I took the ring back for analysis at the lab. The tech guy checked it out, downloading the stuff and sorting through it. It only connected for a short time but that short time was enough to copy enough data that the agency will keep me posted on him.
I am certain that the data was not in his ring but in the diamond tie pin that he wore. It did suit him very well though.
The Big Boss (BB) has agreed to put someone else on the SC#1 case. That guy gives me the creeps the more I think about what he was trying to do. (well what I think he was trying to do)
Back to SC#2.....
The data in the ring was to do with a large shipment coming in on Friday at 2am. It didn't say what was in the shipment but it did give us the relevant details so that we would be able to locate it. BB has mentioned something about a stakeout but I wasn't paying too much attention during that meeting. I was more interested in the window cleaner and how long he took to clean the windows. They are sparkling now.
I shall peruse the paperwork soon, after I have had a chance to eat lunch.


Lunch was good. They serve really nice food here in the cafeteria. I had a salmon salad accompanied with lemon cheesecake for dessert.


I ended up taking the paperwork home to check it out as there was a routine pest inspection happening this afternoon. I sure got a surprise when I arrived at my desk and was informed that the place was going to be checked for bugs.
On second thought, perhaps they did notice the window washer and the bugs they were searching for were not the creepy crawly type but the listening in type. Well, I got the rest of the afternoon off to look over the files at home.

Note: I really can't wait until they put me on a more important job, one where the files are so classified that I can't take them home. Perhaps one day that will come.

Note 2: Agent M has been quiet of late, I hope his young rookie side kick isn't working him too hard.