Thursday, October 28, 2004

House Keeping!

My date with SC#2 went alright. It was the usual dinner with wine, chatter and a kiss on the cheek. The BB didn't outfit me with anything hi-tech this time but just said to keep an ear out and try to get invited back to his place.
I did get invited back to his place, but not as a girlfriend but the chance for employment there. Apparently his housekeeper had left. He didn't say why. I am weary about why she left as stories are starting to circulate about his 'professional' behaviour. As far as I am concerned they are only rumors and I will put them at the back of my mind unless I hear it from BB or SC#2 himself.

On a side note, the guy in the tech lab retested some of the coconut fibers (at Agent M's request) and they turned out to be just coconut fibers from some island in the South Pacific.

Back to this little extra work I have picked up. I have asked for work to NOT to outfit me. I can just imagine what they would put me in. Some french maids outfit or something.
I start the new job, err, the house keeping tomorrow. This could turn out well since I will get paid by BB and by SC#2. I hope it is tax free!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog, or LD as he is called, is a relatively new recruit to our department. He is quiet, he is observant and dedicated. Why am I writing about him then? Because I could not help but look at him differently since I received the note from Agent M.
What if he is the mole?
What if he isn't and I make an fool of myself trying to prove that he is?
Questions similar to this have been rambling through my head. I think I am becoming paranoid.
What if they all think I am the mole?

After we finished sorting through the crate from the ship (all suspicious things turned up negative so that was a dead end), LD asked if we could go for coffee. I instantly thought back to the time I spilt coffee over those files. The boss is still grumpy over that. I must have looked surprised or something as he asked me if I was ok. I nodded quickly and placed the completed paperwork into my out tray.
Arriving at the cafeteria we ordered our drinks and sat and chatted. Apparently he was real nervous over bungling his first on field assignment and was wondering what would happen. He was asking me because I have a reputation for bungling things! I wonder who he heard that from? Possibly the office gossip.
I assured him all would be fine and that he doesn't need to worry, especially since he didn't wear slippers on the job.
He seemed relieved but there was a hint of concern still in him. Maybe this was his first gig as a mole? At the time I just thought he was concerned for his job.
I guess we will find out in time, and in the meantime I have to get ready for a date with SC#2.

Monday, October 11, 2004

What's In The Box!

What was in the box? Well, it had definitely belonged to the other boxes which were pilfered/rescued/distributed by the captain and first mate. There were....trinkets and toy dogs. The toy dogs were the type you stick in your car on the dashboard and it's head wobbles as you drive.
Since BB couldn't think of anything better to do, well for me to do since I was lame and told to keep off my feet until the swelling went down, he put LD and I onto sorting out and closely examining the box contents.
I think Agent M is right about BB being tense. Ever since the 'bug' inspection he has seemed a little jittery and watching the newer recruits a little more closely.
Back to the box.
Well, if you can imagine a box about the length of a bathtub, half the height of a bath-tub and the width of the bathtub, then you have the size of the box we had to sort through. There was also a lot of packing to examine also, since the BB wanted us to be double sure that it was not used for some method of information carrying. How much information could you store on something that looks like coconut husk fibers? I will check it out just to keep BB happy and off my back.
First we tested the packing to see if there was any drugs on the fibers, nope. Then we checked it for electronic messages, nope. We tested it to see what it was made up of, and it was indeed just coconut husk fibers, shredded and used as packaging. I would say the box had been at least a third filled with this stuff so you can now see why I haven't updated lately.
Onto the toy dogs.
We shook them, thought about giving them to kids to play with, tested them for electronic messages, tested for drugs and any other test they would let us do. We were also given magnifying glasses to make sure there was no script we missed out. There were at least 50 of these dogs. One did look a little suspicious so we put it aside to examine properly later. It came out with a strange reading when we scanned it for electronic messages.
The trinkets were just things like little kid necklaces, rings and bracelets. These all tested clear but I put some aside for further testing as I was becoming a little tired and may have missed something.

Stakeout : Part II

Friday morning came. At 1.30am I was down at the docks nibbling jelly beans in an effort to stay awake. I looked down at my feet, thinking these were the most comfortable shoes I had worn before. I can laugh at it now that the stashes have come out.
Do you know how hard it is to run in slippers? At least I remembered the rest of my gear. The boots that the 'costume' section had given me must have been still in the box at home. I think I will write myself check lists from now on before I go out on anymore stakeouts.
Back to the stakeout.
I was positioned on the dock, blond wig on, dark pants and dark vest, oh and the slippers, on also. I was waiting, listening the the quiet crackle of my ear piece. I pulled off the wig and released my hair from it's bun, then picked up the binoculars and settled down to watch the area.
5 minutes passed, 10 minutes passed, an hour passed and I stared to think that they had put me in the wrong place facing the wrong way. I checked in with 'Lucky Dog' (LD) and he said all was quiet on his side also.
I decided to scan a little further afield, and then I found something askew, there was a container ship coming in, guided by a pair of tug boats which I knew were not from around here. How did I know this? They had 'Syd's Shipping Yard' painted on the side and the tug boats here had 'Buntings' Boats' on their side. I double checked to make sure I was looking at the right place, and yes I was sure. I called it in to LD.
There was a moment of silence as he took in the information followed by a whispered "Yahhooo". I guess this was the biggest case he had ever been on. I know he is only reasonably new on the scene.
We arranged a meeting spot to go and scout out the shipment arriving at 2.30am. It was at this stage that I discarded my slippers and carefully picked my way across the docks to the meeting spot. The first thing LD said when I got there was "?" as he looked at my boots. I whispered, which sounded like a yell in the quiet "I was tired" We both shrugged and got on with our job at hand. At least I remembered my utility belt.
I pulled out my binoculars and turned them onto night vision. I couldn't believe the things I was seeing, it was so clear. Was I really that tired that I was making important slip ups? I guess I was. I was determined to be on the ball from now on. I focused on the boat, saw lots of sailors running around as if getting the boat ready for docking. I watched as it got closer, taking in the faces of the sailors.
It was then that something occurred to me. I knew the look on those faces, it wasn't the look of someone who was about to dock, but about someone who was preparing for a crash landing. Swearing quietly under my breath I made my suspicions clear to LD. A sudden look of immense fear crossed his face and he started to shake. Grabbing him by the arm as my fear propelled me away from the incoming cargo ship, we ran like two madman.
The rest of what happened was a blur, I remember hearing the sound of splintering wood, thinking that the tugs weren't trying to guide but to stop, the immense pain as a piece of the splintered wood drove itself across the side of my foot, the surprised look on the faces of our backup (since when did we have backup, I thought this was our job, and we were alone) and flying through the air to land in a box of fishing nets.
What did I discover from that mission? Not a lot really, except that boots are really a lot more practical then slippers, fishing nets are better to land on then frozen tuna (that was LD's landing spot), and I am still a rookie.

There was a news article the next day about the boat and how it wrecked the shipping yard. Apparently the captain and first mate had gone missing, along with a life raft and a few small crates. How did they know about the crates? The first mate had added them to the ships inventory of cargo carried.

At work, hobbling, I was informed that there had been one box left behind aboard the boat.