Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog, or LD as he is called, is a relatively new recruit to our department. He is quiet, he is observant and dedicated. Why am I writing about him then? Because I could not help but look at him differently since I received the note from Agent M.
What if he is the mole?
What if he isn't and I make an fool of myself trying to prove that he is?
Questions similar to this have been rambling through my head. I think I am becoming paranoid.
What if they all think I am the mole?

After we finished sorting through the crate from the ship (all suspicious things turned up negative so that was a dead end), LD asked if we could go for coffee. I instantly thought back to the time I spilt coffee over those files. The boss is still grumpy over that. I must have looked surprised or something as he asked me if I was ok. I nodded quickly and placed the completed paperwork into my out tray.
Arriving at the cafeteria we ordered our drinks and sat and chatted. Apparently he was real nervous over bungling his first on field assignment and was wondering what would happen. He was asking me because I have a reputation for bungling things! I wonder who he heard that from? Possibly the office gossip.
I assured him all would be fine and that he doesn't need to worry, especially since he didn't wear slippers on the job.
He seemed relieved but there was a hint of concern still in him. Maybe this was his first gig as a mole? At the time I just thought he was concerned for his job.
I guess we will find out in time, and in the meantime I have to get ready for a date with SC#2.