Monday, October 11, 2004

What's In The Box!

What was in the box? Well, it had definitely belonged to the other boxes which were pilfered/rescued/distributed by the captain and first mate. There were....trinkets and toy dogs. The toy dogs were the type you stick in your car on the dashboard and it's head wobbles as you drive.
Since BB couldn't think of anything better to do, well for me to do since I was lame and told to keep off my feet until the swelling went down, he put LD and I onto sorting out and closely examining the box contents.
I think Agent M is right about BB being tense. Ever since the 'bug' inspection he has seemed a little jittery and watching the newer recruits a little more closely.
Back to the box.
Well, if you can imagine a box about the length of a bathtub, half the height of a bath-tub and the width of the bathtub, then you have the size of the box we had to sort through. There was also a lot of packing to examine also, since the BB wanted us to be double sure that it was not used for some method of information carrying. How much information could you store on something that looks like coconut husk fibers? I will check it out just to keep BB happy and off my back.
First we tested the packing to see if there was any drugs on the fibers, nope. Then we checked it for electronic messages, nope. We tested it to see what it was made up of, and it was indeed just coconut husk fibers, shredded and used as packaging. I would say the box had been at least a third filled with this stuff so you can now see why I haven't updated lately.
Onto the toy dogs.
We shook them, thought about giving them to kids to play with, tested them for electronic messages, tested for drugs and any other test they would let us do. We were also given magnifying glasses to make sure there was no script we missed out. There were at least 50 of these dogs. One did look a little suspicious so we put it aside to examine properly later. It came out with a strange reading when we scanned it for electronic messages.
The trinkets were just things like little kid necklaces, rings and bracelets. These all tested clear but I put some aside for further testing as I was becoming a little tired and may have missed something.